Vue Grounds

Discover how augmented reality can improve your customer’s experience and for experience augmented reality experiences.

Christmas Photobooth

Happy Holidays everyone. Get into the Christmas spirit by stepping in our virtual Christmas Photobooth.

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The Neuroscience of Augmented Reality

Scan to explore 3 ways augmented reality impacts your customer's brains on a neurological level. *All insights are from Mindshare UK's report. 'Layered.'

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Halloween Breadfruit

Breadfruits are the new pumpkins for Halloween in Barbados. Put on your pumpkin face with this face tracking augmented reality experience and start your journey as a spooky breadfruit or roast it with fire.

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Concrete Plant Pots

View and place concrete plants pots from NCC's Garden Center in the comfort of your own home, using web-enabled augmented reality.

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